Osteopathic Manipulation

What is Osteopathic Manipulation?

Osteopathic physicians are specifically trained through many years to achieve perceptive, skillful hands to diagnose and treat the structural and functional changes within the body. One can view an osteopath as the mechanic that helps the human machine perform optimally.

The human body is a living machine that is capable of adapting to changes occurring within and around it.  However, if an injury occurs beyond the body’s healing ability then the inflicted limitations placed on other parts of the body has to compensate. This create more stress and demand on the living machine which in turn produce areas of greater susceptibility to infection or dysfunction. You start to have problems in your body and may not realize it was due to an injury in the past in which your body was not able to correct itself fully.

With gentle manipulative techniques, osteopaths endeavor to restore optimal function in areas affected by physical and emotional trauma and/or acute/chronic illness in relationship to the whole person. Each area of the body structure functions as a part of a whole living machine. I believe that Body, Mind, and Spirit must work together to allow the natural healing process within each individual. The human body is intelligent and capable of wondrous healing. Osteopaths help unlock each individual’s potent healing ability towards better optimal health.

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