Patient Experience

All Osteopathic treatment sessions allow the patient to be in a relaxed state for optimal healing. Gentle manipulative techniques are performed to remove the restrictions in the body, so the self-healing ability is initiated. Treatments are always directed towards the whole body because all parts of the body work together for the functioning of a whole being. Patients often report a feeling of relaxation, tingling or increase in blood flow to certain parts of the body. Majority of patients progress from a state of relaxation to a rested nap during the session.

Parents/guardians are always welcomed and encouraged to be present with their child during the sessions. Educating the parents play as large of a role in the healing process of the child as the treatments themselves. Entertaining educational books and toys make the treatment experience enjoyable for both parent and child.

Patients are always welcomed to ask questions at any time during and after the treatments. Dr. Mai believes in educating and answering any concerns of the patient.

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