Patient Testimonials

I have been a patient of Dr. Julie Mai for nearly one year. When I first came to her, I had severe acid reflux. Before I saw her I had been battling this disease for a year and a half without relief. I had tried dietary changes, over the counter and prescription medications, had been seen by numerous specialists, had multiple tests, even surgery, psychotherapy and acupuncture, and nothing helped. Through her treatments, I have now been weaned off all medications and I finally sleep at night without pain or discomfort. I eat all the foods I want and I know that I am healthier now than I have ever been. I was so satisfied with her care, I took my four year old son to her for treatment of his recurrent ear and sinus infections. Again, her treatments have helped him tremendously as well. With her care and her homeopathic recommendations, my son no longer needs frequent antibiotics and will not need ear tubes. Finally, in the hope of starting my newborn boy on the right track to good health, I have been taking him to Dr. Mai for treatment. I am forever grateful to her for everything she had done for me and my family. Thank you! -A.

I had never heard of “cranial osteopathy” until I was told by a young mother that osteopathy had literally saved her tiny son’s life when all conventional medicine could do was shrug and call his dire condition “failure to thrive”. Not long afterwards, another woman told me how Osteopathic Manipulation had saved her from a terrible case of tinnitus and vertigo which plagued her after an automobile accident. I recalled those testimonials when I began experiencing intermittent visual disturbances (flickering of my whole visual field) accompanied by a lessened sense of balance and worrisome lightheadedness. My allopathic physician suspected a tumor. I decided to seek out the opinion of an Osteopathic Physician. A recommendation by the mother of her now vibrantly healthy little boy led me to the office of Dr. Julie Mai! Several sessions later, my visual and balance problems were markedly improved – virtually absent. In taking my history, Dr. Mai learned I had a history of chronic gastro-intestinal problems and also was troubled by a lingering laryngitis that interfered drastically with my singing in a number of musical groups with which I performed. I was surprised to learn that she could treat those issues too! I was astonished and delighted to regain my voice after her gentle manipulations! I appreciate that she uses a multimodal approach, combining counseling and homeopathy for the specific issues causing a given problem to augment her gentle, hands-on manipulations. I was so pleased with the difference she made in the quality of my life that I soon referred my husband to her so she could help him gain relief from pain of sciatic nerve origins. It is a real pleasure to enthusiastically recommend her! I know that she will have a continuing positive impact on my health and sense of well being. -M.

I am greatly pleased by the results of treatment received from Dr. Mai. My primary reason for seeking treatment was for a back problem resulting from the combination of a fall and chronic sciatica. In addition, I was experiencing pain in my right knee that was making it difficult to descend stairs. I am pleased to report that my back and leg are fully functional again and I have not had to be treated for several months! Those who have had chronic back problems will know what a relief it is to be able to resume one’s normal activities. Although I primarily was being treated for the problems already described, Dr. Mai also was able to alleviate some problems associated with a 3-month bout of chronic coughing and post nasal drip. Because I am a recreational choral singer, these problems were interfering with an activity I greatly enjoyed. I always have had some allergy problems and probably always will, but her treatments did reduce the severity of the symptoms I was experiencing and I was able to resume my singing activities. This treatment was accomplished during the same sessions in which I was being treated for the back problems and was a real bonus for me. I found Dr. Mai to be personable and caring as well as being a skilled doctor of osteopathy. I always was comfortable in her presence and felt she truly was interested in my well-being. -A.

My two year old daughter was scheduled for ear tube surgery in July 2008. She had chronic ear infections. I did not want her to have the invasive surgery. In May 2008, I learned of alternative methods to helping ear infections. I consulted with a chiropractor and then found my way to Dr. Mai. Dr. Mai helped keep my daughter out of the Operating Room (O.R.). I wish I had known about osteopathy when Victoria was first born. I am sure that early treatment would have helped keep her off the antibiotics. Although my medical insurance doesn’t cover the expenses, it was worth the money for me to keep my daughter from the ear tubes. I now take my daughter to Dr. Mai for periodic treatments when she has a cold or has fallen. Dr. Mai also noticed that she was walking with a bit of a limp and straightened it out. -K.

Dr. Mai has been a God-send to my life. This past fall (October 2009), while on vacation, I had a very serious fall that seriously impacted my head. It resulted in a concussion and whiplash. My face and forehead were bloody from bleeding under the skin for a long time. I could not function virtually at all, and had severe headaches as well as other bruising and discomfort on my body, including a hard ridge on my forehead. I immediately called my nutritionist to help me get an appointment with a good Cranial Osteopath. She obtained an appointment for me with Dr. Mai upon my return. Dr. Mai was very concerned and gave me instruction of how to better take care of myself while traveling home. She tracked with me by phone all the way. I was very impressed with her tender care despite the fact I had never met her. When I returned home I had my first treatment with Dr. Mai. I immediately had improvement and felt more myself. After 3 treatments I felt I was returning to myself and coming out of the fog I had been in. My face returned to normal, the forehead ridge is a fraction of what it was and I am now able to fully function. Dr. Mai is a very gifted and expertly trained Cranial Osteopath. I can say that because I know she was trained by the best Cranial Osteopath in the world. She has full medical training. She is also personally gifted in her treatments and very sensitive to the person and their body she is treating. I could tell this from the first treatment. My results under her care are added proof of this. There is no telling what worse condition I would be in if I had not found her. Thank you Dr. Mai for putting me back together and helping me to resume my life. -K

A parent’s testimonial for her child with autism:
Since we started coming to see Dr. Mai, my son’s sensory issues is so much better. His ears were the most sensitive, but now we are able to touch and clean his ears, get his haircut, and have the doctors look at his ears without having to hold him down. After a few sessions, his aggression decreased, he was happier at home, his teachers at his school even noticed a difference. I feel very lucky that my friend found you. Thank you for all that you do and can’t wait for the next session. -D

My first few visits to Dr. Mai were to treat a horrible sinus infection. I had waited too long to go in for my initial treatment but was still completely blown away by the relief I felt after each visit. Her gentle approach and patient explanation of what she was doing were not only comforting but also extremely reassuring at a time where I was experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort. I could feel and hear my sinuses opening up as she worked on them. -E

My husband and I started seeing Dr. Mai when I was pregnant with our daughter. My back kept shifting into very uncomfortable positions throughout the pregnancy, and Dr. Mai knew just how to set it back correctly! She gave me great tips on how to help my back and showed my husband how to do stretches on my back to help as well. When our daughter was born, she began to see Dr. Mai week 1. We have had so many compliments from complete strangers (not to mention family members) on how beautiful our daughter’s head is, not only has she helped her through normal infant issues but she has a beautifully shaped head. Thank you, Dr. Mai! -K

My two sons and I have been treated by Dr. Mai for about a year. We each try to have an appointment with her every 3-4 weeks for a “tune-up!” I have known about the great benefits of osteopathy for several years and was routinely treated by a doctor where we used to live. When we moved to San Diego last year, one of our first calls was to Dr. Mai (who we had heard wonderful things about) to continue our regular treatments. I’ve been treated by several cranial osteopaths and feel strongly that Dr. Mai’s technique is superior. She is truly a skilled practitioner! We feel very grateful. -P

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