What to Expect

Every treatment session are held in a relaxing and comfortable environment. Questions are always welcomed to better educate the patients. Children enjoy the sessions with their parents by their side so they can learn and play with eduational enhancing toys.

Initial visits are around 60-90 minutes. A thorough history is obtained with an emphasis on past and present traumas from birth, childhood and adulthood.  An osteopathic structural exam is performed to evaluate the current body’s state of health. A short treatment will also be performed to help set the body towards healing in the follow up sessions.

Follow up visits are around 30-60 minutes. These sessions are individually designed to improve the patient’s specific suboptimal health concerns. Each patient is a unique individual requiring osteopathic care that is specific to their body’s needs. Approximately 4-6 treatment sessions are recommended after the initial visit to better monitor the body’s healing progress and patient’s responses. Individual’s health improvement varies so less or more treatments may be needed.  More treatments may also be required for chronic conditions. The goal is to remove the restrictions placed on the body with gentle manipulation to allow the self-healing ability of the body to prevail. Dr. Mai is also certified in Homeopathy and Bach Flower Essences. She may recommend these natural remedies as an adjunct to your healing.

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